From the Principal

Welcome to Vergennes Union Elementary School for the year 2020-2021. This school year will begin with a focus on collaboration, culture, and creatvity. We acknowledge that there will be challenges to this year that were previously only fictionalized. However, it is incumbent upon us as a school community to provide learning opportunities for our students that enrich their understanding of the context in which we live. We are living through times that challenge us in many ways morally, ethically, physically and mentally. We know that supporting the growth of our community means to acknowledge the past, our biases and blindspots, and learn collectively how we can become a more robust and fruitful community is a process not an event. 

I look forward to continuing my work with the school community here at Vergennes Union Elementary School. I've worked in schools in the district since 2001. It is a community that I choose to live in and a system where I send my own children (10th and 12th grade this year). I hope that you join us in the collective wisdom of the community to share your thoughts on how we can grow together. Please do not hesitate to contact me via phone at 877-3761 or email at [email protected].


Here’s to a year of meeting challenges with dignity and celebrating successes in fantastic new ways.


Matthew DeBlois, Principal