From the Principal

Welcome to Vergennes Union Elementary School for the year 2019-2020. We are here to provide a safe and encouraging environment that allows students to grow with guidance from caring and engaged adults. We strive to strengthen love for learning and not merely knowledge acquisition. Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity generate learners that can adapt to changing environments and situations. We hope to cultivate and nurture these opportunities for all of our students to meet their hopes and dreams.  We believe that our connections with students are stronger when we work collaboratively with families as partners. We strive for safety in all that we do and to responsibly grow the opportunities and knowledge of our students. There is much to look forward to this year, from the Fun Run to the Olympics, from math menu to personal projects. It’s going to be a fantastic year. 


I look forward to continuing my work with the school community here at Vergennes Union Elementary School. This is my eighteenth year in Addison Northwest schools. It is a community that I choose to live in and a system where I send my own children (9th and 11th grade this year). I believe in iterative growth, meaning that we should not settle for something that went well. We should strive for excellence. The goal behind all that we do is to improve student success. I hope that you join us in the collective wisdom of the community to share your thoughts on how we can grow together. Please do not hesitate to contact me via phone at 877-3761 or email at [email protected].


Here’s to a year of growth and success.


Matthew DeBlois, Principal