Hello all,


Our teachers worked to transition to lessons and learning activities remotely. Some of those activities may be accessed online through a variety of devices including the chromebooks that were sent home for students third through sixth grade. Some may be accessed through links, in print, or through a mechanism such as google classrooms. Please rest assured that we will work hard to make sure that any assignments given from a distance are meaningful, straightforward, and able to be done independently. We understand that this mode of learning may be challenging for some students and we will do our best to accommodate that. We will also be working on creative ways to help students stay connected with each other and with staff during this absence. As you likely know someone from the school will be in contact with either you or your student via a variety of methods including phone calls and or video chats. 


We appreciate your patience as we transition learning to an online model for the length of time that schools remain closed. Again your student can expect daily contact from a staff member here and frequent, regular contact from classroom teachers. Contact may take various forms and if one way doesn't work for you, please let teachers and advisors know how you'd like to keep in touch if you have not let us know already. We remain committed to your student's education during this challenging time and care deeply about them and you.


Stay safe, stay healthy.


Thank you,


Matthew DeBlois, Principal


Our Mission

"The mission of Vergennes Union Elementary School is to engage our children, families, and community in the lifelong process of learning through exposure to: a rich and challenging curriculum, a skilled, qualified staff, and a safe, nurturing environment in which students will become caring and creative contributors to the diversity of their community and emotionally and academically prepared for the challenges of the future."

District Vision

"We envision a kind, collaborative, and creative community for all that nurtures a diverse and accessible learning environment. Students will flourish as critical thinkers and productive citizens, cultivating resilience in an ever-changing world."

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