In the last school year the teachers and staff completed some exploration and refinement about personalization at the elementary level. Much of our planning involves connectivity between our students of all ages. We did this in order to have a common language related to some terms associated with personalization. These professional learning conversations lead to a better understanding of what we are doing well, what we can do more of, and a better understanding among each other when we talk about many of the terms often associated with personalization. The posting of these terms, the conversations we have had ongoing related to purpose and student language related to that will help us build systems that allow for demonstrations of proficiency through personalized pathways. These pathways are guided by high quality instruction by our teaching staff. Here are our definitions. 

  • At VUES, voice is learning how to communicate ideas and opinions respectfully.
  • At VUES, ownership is taking responsibility for your learning.
  • At VUES, self-efficacy is developing the confidence to advocate for your learning.
  • At VUES, engagement is taking an active interest in your learning.
  • At VUES, motivation is believing that you can learn and you can develop a passion for learning.
  • At VUES, purpose is understanding what you are learning and why it is meaningful.
  • At VUES, choice is creating options for your learning.

We have an increased number of folks transporting students to school. Due to some safety concerns around parking lot safety, we are changing some routines and procedures for drop off. Starting Monday, November 2, busses will drop students off at the far intersection of our parking lot and East Street on East Street. This may slow down traffic on East Street, but should make it safer in the parking lot for parents dropping off and for those arriving for work. Thank you for your patience.


- Matthew DeBlois, Principal

Note from the School Nurse

If you have any questions regarding COVID-19 or whether your child should be at school, please call or email the school nurse Allison Vigne at [email protected], 877-3761 ext 207. If your child is sent home from school ill or is absent due to illness, you must call the school nurse prior to your child returning to school. There is a common algorithm that medical providers and school nurses are using to determine when ill students should return to school, for the safety of all students and staff. New state guidance from the Vermont Agency of Education includes exclusion based on travel.

A reminder of the screening considerations that families agreed to check prior to attending school - Feeling feverish and/or having chills (at or greater than temperature 100.4F), a new cough not due to another health consideration, a new sort throat not due to another health condition, new chills not due to another health condition, new muscle pain not due to another health condition or that may have been caused by a specific activity such as physical exercise, new loss of taste or smell, new shortness of breath not due to another health condition, and a new combination of diarrhea, headache, fatigue, and/or runny nose not due to another health condition. If your child has any of these symptoms they cannot attend school.

Our Mission

"The mission of Vergennes Union Elementary School is to engage our children, families, and community in the lifelong process of learning through exposure to: a rich and challenging curriculum, a skilled, qualified staff, and a safe, nurturing environment in which students will become caring and creative contributors to the diversity of their community and emotionally and academically prepared for the challenges of the future."

District Vision

"We envision a kind, collaborative, and creative community for all that nurtures a diverse and accessible learning environment. Students will flourish as critical thinkers and productive citizens, cultivating resilience in an ever-changing world."

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