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Principal's Corner

We think about Effective Communication as a function of the intersection of Engagement and Communication. Sometimes we intend to communicate, but we are just telling without the knowledge if others are listening or more importantly that they are understanding. The beginning of a school year helps us to gather some data on what is being internalized as understanding and how engaged we are as a community of learners. We know that all behavior is communication. Sometimes students tell us things through their actions, sometimes through inaction, and at other junctures through the use of language. This is particularly helpful when we consider how we communicate as adults with each other and students. We almost always assume that those on the other end of our communications are literate, understand the language of communication, and engage with the same understanding. What we must consider is that our understanding of language is on a continuum for all of us. 

I sometimes struggle to find words in English because I learned the word in French. Sometimes I struggle to find words because I am hungry or tired. Those that spend a fair amount of time around me know these things about me, but others that do not may seem surprised by these ideas. What emerges as important in effectively communicating remains rapport and relationships. Knowing me, my myriad idiosyncrasies, and my personhood allows others to effectively communicate with me. 

The start of the year creates new groups, new paradigms, and new opportunities to learn about each other. This learning about each other occurs in fits and starts, in comfort and in disturbance, quietly and loudly, but importantly over time. We think about the first six weeks of school as a time when we come together and develop community. The community governs itself with norms which evolve through collective conversation, productive struggle, and in shared experiences. Our hope is that the community continues to grow so that it can develop into a thriving organism that flourishes in a community that supports itself, celebrates its commonalities and its differences. We want to continue to aspire to the board’s vision statement, which follows: We envision a kind, collaborative, and creative community for all that nurtures a diverse and accessible learning environment. Students will flourish as critical thinkers and productive citizens, cultivating resilience in an ever-changing world.

Beginning Monday, September 18, students that arrive after 10:00 will only have the option of having a bagel for lunch. If you have prior knowledge that your student will be arriving after the cutoff, you can email and let us know what your student will want for lunch and we can let the kitchen know before the cutoff time. 

Important dates to recall! Community Trail and Outdoor Classroom Clean Up, Saturday, September 16 from 8:00-12:00. Open House, Wednesday, September 20 from 5-6.                  

- Matthew DeBlois, Principal 

VUES Gear -  There is a gear store open for anyone hoping to purchase some ROARS or VUES gear for their student. All new students to the school, including kindergarten students will receive a short sleeved ROARS t-shirt, but other gear is available for purchase. Please see the link in the email to order some for your child, your family or yourself. The store will close toward the end of the month. 


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