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As the calendar year closes, I like to reflect on what has come to be and what is to come at our school. I look back fondly on a lot of ideas, events, and occurrences. Here are some of them: the intentional welcome by the VUES Community Group, the Fun Run, the development of ABL, the continued partnerships with families and police around walk and roll, open house preceded by a community dinner, the use of the outdoor classroom, book fair, a VINS visit, coding, quiet time, all school dance celebration, community visits, Star Base and rocketry, bringing kids into the conversation about school successes and challenges, some new equipment for all students in art and music, teachers visiting other teachers, Unicef fundraising, veteran’s words of service, visits from our state reps, new Fusion opportunities, World Kindness Day, using tech to modify, rather than substitute, giving back, student performance, and relationship building. 

Some of the things that I’m looking forward to in 2020 are the following: a student podcast (there’s one in the tank awaiting release), the Summer Olympics, book fair, walk and roll, more music from students and staff, the Geo Bee, skiing, Global Day of Play, a new rink, the Talent Show, traveling and learning about the area, celebrations of learning, and student growth. There is a lot to look forward to in 2020. It will be an exciting time for all. 


Matthew DeBlois, Principal


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Our Mission

"The mission of Vergennes Union Elementary School is to engage our children, families, and community in the lifelong process of learning through exposure to: a rich and challenging curriculum, a skilled, qualified staff, and a safe, nurturing environment in which students will become caring and creative contributors to the diversity of their community and emotionally and academically prepared for the challenges of the future."

District Vision

"We envision a kind, collaborative, and creative community for all that nurtures a diverse and accessible learning environment. Students will flourish as critical thinkers and productive citizens, cultivating resilience in an ever-changing world."

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